Terms and Conditions of Payment

TERMS and CONDITIONS of www.grabovoifondation.org

( entry into force 27/04/2024)

  1. General Provisions

1.1. The following terms and conditions govern :

  • the use of the grabovoifondation.org website, owned by the “Foundation for the Implementation and Protection of the Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi”, Ur Strecion 4, 6997 Sessa, Switzerland – CHE172812109, hereinafter also referred to as the “Vendor” ;
  • the provision of services, which include the purchase of digital and online products, offered by the “Foundation for the Implementation and Protection of the Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi” in favour of users of the site, hereinafter also referred to as the “Purchaser”.

1.2. In order to access the Website and the Services, users must use commonly used, current, legitimate and up-to-date hardware and software. The Services and the Website may be subject to changes due to technical improvements and general technological progress.

Users acknowledge and accept that, unless otherwise specified, the compatibility and accessibility of the services or the website is not guaranteed with or through software or hardware used by users that is obsolete, not in common use, illegal or non-standard. Users undertake to adopt and carry out all necessary updates made available by the site owner. In case of failure to update, the services may be partially or totally inaccessible.

1.3. In order to use the Services, the user may open an account by providing all the required data and information in a complete and truthful manner.

It is not possible to use the services without opening a user account.

It is the user’s responsibility to keep their access credentials secure and preserve their confidentiality.  To this end, users must choose a password that corresponds to the highest level of security available on this website.

By creating an account, you agree that you are fully responsible for any and all activities that occur under your access credentials, and you must immediately inform the site owner, via the contact details set out in this document, if you believe that your personal information, such as your user account, access credentials or personal data, has been hacked, unlawfully disclosed or stolen.

1.4. You are free to close your account and cease using the services at any time by using the account closure tools available on this website and/or by contacting the site owner at the contact details indicated in this document.

The site owner reserves the right to suspend or delete a user’s account at any time at its own discretion and without notice if it deems it inappropriate, offensive or contrary to these Terms.

Following suspension or deletion of the account, the user is not entitled to any compensation, refund or indemnity.

Suspension or deletion of an account for reasons attributable to the user does not exempt the user from payment for any services and/or products purchased.

1.5. The website www.grabovoifondation.org and the services provided through it may only be used for the purposes for which they are offered, in accordance with these terms and applicable law.

It is your sole responsibility to ensure that your use of this site and its services does not violate any laws, regulations or the rights of third parties.

Therefore, the owner of the site reserves the right to take all appropriate measures to protect its legitimate interests and, in particular, to deny the user access to this site and/or the services offered, to terminate contracts, to report to the competent authorities the activity carried out through this site and/or the related services whenever it has reason to believe that the user is infringing laws, regulations, third party rights and/or these t erms.

  1. Object of the public offer

2.1. The object of this offer to the public is the provision by the Vendor of training services/courses, which include the purchase of digital and online products provided by means of downloads or access to online resources at www.grabovoifoundation.org.

2.2. Prices, descriptions and availability of services and products are specified in the appropriate section of this website and are subject, as are these terms and conditions, to unilateral modification by the Seller without prior notice.

The prices, terms and conditions indicated on the site at the time the order is placed by the Buyer shall in any case be applied to the Buyer.

  1. Procedure for the purchase of services and products.

3.1. The purchase procedure begins with the selection of the service and/or product offered and ends with the placing of the order and payment of the price.

3.2. To place an order, the user must accept these Terms and Conditions by using the relevant button on this website.

3.3. The sending of the order by the user determines the conclusion of the contract and thus creates an obligation on the part of the Buyer to pay the requested price.

3.4. Once the order has been placed, the Purchaser will be notified by e-mail, at the e-mail address provided by the same when registering on the site, of the confirmation of receipt of the order as well as the references for downloading or accessing the online resources.

  1. Promotions and discounts.

4.1. The Seller may offer special discounts or promotions for the purchase of services and/or products . Such discounts or promotions are always granted at the Seller’s sole discretion and are subject to these terms and conditions.

4.2. Special offers or discounts, whether repeated or periodic, do not give users any rights and/or claims that can be asserted in the future.

4.3. The duration of promotions and discounts shall be understood to refer to the time zone of the Seller’s place of business, as indicated in this document.

  1. Means of payment.

5.1. The means of payment accepted by the Seller are indicated in the purchase procedure.

5.2. If payment by such means fails or is refused by the payment service provider, the Seller shall not be obliged to execute the order.

  1. Buyer’s Right of Withdrawal.

6.1. Subject to the provisions of law, the Seller grants the Purchaser the right to withdraw from the purchase contract for the service and/or product with which he is dissatisfied within 14 days after the conclusion of the contract.

6.2. In order to avail himself of this right, the Purchaser shall send the Seller, within the aforementioned term, a written notice in which he unequivocally expresses his intention to withdraw from the contract without stating any reasons.  

6.3. The Seller shall verify that the right of withdrawal has been promptly and correctly exercised and, if so, shall, within 14 days of receipt of the notice of withdrawal, refund the purchase price to the Purchaser, using the same means of payment used for the original transaction.

6.4. The right of withdrawal after the contractual service has been fully performed is excluded.

  1. Regulation of webinars

7.1. Training courses offered by the Vendor include online seminars (webinars) organised by the Vendor.

7.2. The Vendor shall provide the video-recording of the webinars and the Purchaser may use the recorded lessons on the video platform for the duration of the course.

7.3. The Vendor shall also have the right to unilaterally change the programme of any individual webinar at any time, but shall publish the changes on www.grabovoifoundation.org at least one day before the date set for the webinar.

7.4. Participation in the webinars and access to the video platform are permitted only to Purchasers of the Service, and not to others.

7.5. Accordingly, it is prohibited for the Buyer to allow third parties (including those living with the Buyer) to access the webinars or the video platform without the prior written consent of the Seller.

7.6. The Buyer is also prohibited from recording, downloading, publishing or passing on the webinars offered by the Seller to third parties in any way whatsoever.

7.7. The Vendor reserves the right to disconnect the Purchaser from the webinar, without any obligation to refund, if the Purchaser’s behaviour prevents, obstructs or in any way disrupts the regular course of the online lesson.

  1. Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

8.1. Intellectual and industrial property rights (such as, for example, copyrights, patents and models) to texts, ebooks, videos and technologies published on this website are held, on an exclusive basis, by Grigori Grabovoi personally, Grigori Grabovoi LTD and the Seller, and are protected by the laws and international treaties on intellectual property.

8.2. Therefore, all content offered, whether in text or video form, to the Buyer by the Seller, is the property of the latter and/or of the parties that have granted its use to the Seller and is protected by international copyright laws and treaties

8.3. The trademarks, logos and any other distinguishing marks that appear on this site are the exclusive property of the Seller and/or the parties that have granted their use to the Seller, are registered and are also protected by the laws and international treaties on intellectual and industrial property.

8.4. The Purchaser is therefore forbidden :

– copy and/or reproduce, in any way and even in part, the texts, ebooks, videos and technologies published on this website ;

– assign, for any reason whatsoever, rent, lease, distribute or, in any case, forward to third parties, the aforementioned digital products or their contents ;

– disassemble them, convert them into any other format or use them on more devices than permitted ;

 – delete, bypass or modify security features that protect digital products or online resources on the www.grabovoifoundation.org website;

 – use in any manner whatsoever, remove, alter or counterfeit the trade marks, logos and any other distinctive sign present on the aforementioned site.

  1. Processing of personal data

9.1. Information concerning the processing of users’ personal data is contained in the Privacy Policy of this website, which shall be deemed to be referred to in full herein.

9.2. Therefore, by accepting these terms and conditions, the Purchaser authorises the processing of his/her personal data to the extent and for the purposes specified in the aforementioned Privacy Policy.

  1. Limitations of Liability

10.1. The Seller shall provide the Buyer with information on the hardware and software required to use the services and digital products offered on its website.

It shall therefore be the sole responsibility of the Buyer to equip itself with all hardware, software, network availability and Internet connectivity necessary to access and/or use the online resources and downloads related to the services provided by the Seller.

10.2. Any liability of the Seller is excluded in cases where the service offered is unavailable for reasons of force majeure, such as, for example, power cuts and structural and Internet malfunctions.

10.3. In order to guarantee the best quality of its services, the Vendor reserves the right to interrupt the operation of this site in order to carry out maintenance and/or for system updates, without any obligation to provide compensation, giving notice to users at least two days before the interruption begins.

10.4. Users are required to take appropriate security measures – such as antivirus software – and firewalls to prevent possible infections or attacks and to protect backup copies of all data and/or information exchanged or uploaded from this website.

Therefore, the Vendor assumes no liability for any loss of income or other losses, including indirect losses, which users may suffer (such as, for example, commercial losses, loss of revenue, profit or savings, loss of contractual or business relationships, loss of goodwill or damage to reputation, etc.) as a result of viruses or other malware contained in or linked to files downloadable from the Internet or through this website.

10.5. In the event of liability on the part of the Seller for breach of contract, the compensation due may not exceed the amount of the remuneration contractually due to the Seller for the service and digital products offered on www.grabovoifoundation.org.

10.6. The Vendor is not responsible for the manner in which the Purchaser uses the information acquired from the digital and online products on www.grabovoifoundation.org, as well as on all other Internet sites through which the Vendor operates.

10.7. The contents of the services and digital products offered by the Seller are provided to the Purchaser exclusively for personal and educational use, with the aim of fostering the development of individual awareness. Such contents, therefore, do not constitute a form of medical and/or psychological and/or psychiatric therapy, nor can they in any way substitute such therapies, nor do they exclude or in any way limit recourse to medical treatment prescribed by legally qualified professionals.

  1. Limitations of the Offer

11.1. The public offer concerning the services and digital products proposed by the Seller is directed exclusively to citizens of the following countries: member states of the European Union, San Marino, Luxembourg, Serbia, United States of America, Canada, Central and South American states, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Bali, Singapore, People’s Republic of China and Taiwan. 11.2. Said offer cannot therefore produce any effect with regard to citizens of other countries, not included in the above list, and therefore, the Seller shall not assume any obligation and/or liability with regard to the services and digital products that may be acquired by such citizens.  

  1. Changes to the Terms and Conditions.

12.1. The site owner reserves the right to amend and/or supplement these terms and conditions at any time, giving appropriate notice of the amendments and/or additions to users.

12.2.  Amendments and/or additions shall take effect vis-à-vis users only from the time they are communicated to them.

  1. Applicable law and competent court

13.1. These terms and conditions are subject to the law of the place where the owner of this site is based (Switzerland).

13.2. If the law of the country in which the user resides provides for a higher level of consumer protection, such higher protection shall apply.

13.3. Jurisdiction for any dispute concerning these terms and conditions shall lie exclusively with the courts of the place where the owner of the site is based (Switzerland).

13.4. For all matters not covered by these terms and conditions, express reference is made to the applicable Swiss law.

Foundation for the Implementation and Promotion of the Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi.

Ur Strecion 4,

6997 Sessa
Canton Ticino (CH)